Light Blogging Weekend

This blog will be temporarily interrupted while I head down to my in-law's for the weekend. My train (the AVE, a kick-ass bullet train here in Spain) leaves a 8:15 p.m., so I've got to go home from work, clean, pack up my stuff and get down to the station. The train is a hell of a lot easier to get to than, say, the airport, but still... there's not a lot of time for other stuff. We gave them Ana's old computer when we bought her laptop, but I'm not sure if it's even hooked up. 48 hours away from a computer won't kill me I guess...

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my couple hours on the train. Read a book? In English or in Spanish? (The last two books I bought are horrible. I dropped them both - I don't have any sort of mania about finishing horrible books). Or I've been itching to buy a new game for my Gameboy Advance... Advance Wars. I've played it using an emulator and a downloaded rom and it seems really cool. But I keep wanting to save up to get a Lik-Sang cartridge so I don't have to drop $50 a game. 5 games = 1 512M blank cartridge and linker. Yeah!

BTW: You know what one of the problems with Eclipse is? I keep having to go back to UltraEdit for quick-looks at other files/docs outside my working project. You can't just open a file and edit it, it has to be part of a project. That's a real blind spot. Maybe there's something I'm missing.

One other thing, Google seems to be archiving only my front page. I may have throw a servlet up there to do some URL rewriting to make it look more static. I'll keep the old jsp pages around so my permalinks don't die, but I't be nice to 1) have my old posts on Google 2) have the influence on rankings all those pages have.


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