Geeks with Kids

From Anthony Eden's All Things Java:

Dave seeks pity:

I was hoping to release Roller 0.9.5 tonight, but there were some distractions. My little two month old decided that he was not going to take a bottle tonight while Mom is out. Unfortunately, the only way he could tell me this was by emitting incredibly loud and high pitched screams during the whole bottle session, falling asleep for 15 mintues, and then repeating the process. With the help of some special equipment (earplugs) and after three failed attempts I was finally able to convince little Leo to drink his bottle. These unexpected technical issues can really impact software development timelines.

Multiply that times 3 and you have my life. :-)

For those that don't know, I have 18 month old triplets. And to answer your question: I have no idea how I do it. Actually, I do: it is thanks to my wonderful loving wife that I can still contribute code to the world. Without her I would be huddling in a corner somewhere, mumbling incoherently about how nice the good ole days were.

And I have a very new 3 1/2 month old named Alexander David who's my pride and joy. He's sitting on my lap helping me write this as I type. After a weekend with his grandparents, two aunts and uncle he's VERY used to attention right now. He also just learned how to REALLY use that voicebox of his this weekend... Yowza. My baby boy!

There are lots of geeks with kids (and always have been), but the fact that I AM a geek with a kid now really makes me stop and take notice. TRIPLETS. Wow.


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