A new server

What a waste. I want those hours of my life back... I spent all evening last night messing around with my Resin settings to try to get my servlet to respond to a URL pattern, I could not get it working. It was soooo freakin' frustrating. Such a basic and easy thing to do. That made me think about switching providers again. I'm afraid of the time/effort it would require, however (email, domains, website, etc.).

I've been mulling the move over to John Companies Hosting for a while. Check it out and you'll see why. Part of the reason I hadn't is because I don't know FreeBSD from my ass. Linux and Unix in general yes, but BSD I have no idea about the specifics. I would need to set everything up myself which is an effort and a maintainence nightmare, but then again I would have MORE CONTROL. (Hmmm. I just checked... they have a Linux server "coming soon" for $10 more than their standard FreeBSD... hmmmm, maybe I'll wait...) FreeBSD is supposed to more mature and stable than Linux. Yahoo, famously, runs on it, so maybe I should do it just for the learning experience.

Anyways, while I'm thinking about the move, here are the server apps that I would (will) put on this box.

  • Postfix - secure, secure and secure mail server
  • SpamAssasin - I can't live without this now
  • Java - is there a decent JVM for FreeBSD? I don't even know (yep)
  • MySQL - of course
  • OrionServer - kick ass and fast, I wouldn't need regular http server.

By the way, I'm using CWI Hosting right now and they're not bad. Not great, but not bad. The thing is you can get a bunch of server space 1.5Gig and a JVM for like $30 a month and it's pretty painless to maintain. I just am sooo frustrated right now having lost an entire night to a stupid problem like this.


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