I have SOOOO much stuff in my "documentation" folder, it's freakin' ridiculous... I'll never be able to read it all. Then I'll see a link like this one on Codaland and I get all excited:

Core Servlets and Java Server Pages

The complete text of Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages is now available on-line in PDF. Click on a link below to download the PDF for that chapter. All text is freely available for personal use, but you may not reproduce or redistribute the chapters.

I am constantly downloading e-texts and PDF manuals and eBooks, plopping them in my docs folder, and then summarily forgetting about them. I have at least 1 Gig of docs in there, if not more. I downloaded ALL the PDF slides from this years JavaOne. God knows what good it'll do me. Also, I've got a subscription to Safari, with 10 books online that I'm paying for, yet I've used the service maybe 10 times in the past six months...

Maybe instead of an iBook, my next computer should be one of those Microsoft "Mira" tablets so I can get some reading done. Oof scratch that. Win2k is really pissing me off lately and I'm NOT buying XP. Hopefully there'll be a Mac or Linux equivalent to the Mira soon...


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