Taking a break

I spent the day at home hanging out, taking a break, spending time with my new family. It's nice. Unexpected... I went to bed last night in a bad mood and woke up in a worse one, so I decided to skip a day of life. That went away after a few hours and now I feel great... It's a gorgeous day here in Madrid. Like Summer again... probably one of the last days like this for a long while. We're going to go for a walk in a little while to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, after checking out the different distribs, I'm downloading Mandrake Linux (again). I'm going to play on my "extra" hard drive I have now first (since the computer it was in - the second Dell, has definitely died) then do a dual boot after I go through the learning curve. Whether I can get Linux hooked up to my USB ADSL modem or not is really the question. I don't think so, but we'll see.

A nice little geek break from Java, Java, Java. Back to the Journal later.


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