Manywhere lives!

My technical projects needs a new home rather than this blog, so I repurposed Simpleweb into a dynamic personal web-site, added in the Ekit and put it online. The results are here: It's empty now because it's late and I probably should go to bed, but at least it's ready for me to fill up with stuff tomorrow.

Found some weird things about Ekit and Java applets in general - you can't Copy/Paste into them! I assume it's a security feature. I took several hours to play with implementing the editor inside the Simpleweb code... Pulling html markup from the db, reading it into the applet, editing it and then posting it back is a bit of a challenge... If you're going to be doing something similar yourself, email me and I'll send you the code. Plus my one-line change to the applet which enabled the I-bar in the editor. God knows why it's not in there by default! (Here's a screen shot of the Ekit editor in action).

Mozilla/Netscape doesn't have any way - that I could find - of running JavaScript after the page loads. IE has several methods which will run as the page comes down - if you're using Radio, you can see that as the wysiwyg page comes up, there's a "onreadychange" event that can be called which Moz doesn't have. I tried throwing some code into the "onLoad" event of the body, but ended up crashing Moz every time. I think it got into some sort of race condition where the doc was waiting for the Applet, which was waiting for the doc, etc.



Later... I just got burned using the wysiwyg control. No way to copy outside the applet, so everything I wrote disappeared when the browser crashed in a literally blue-screen (just Moz, not windows). I have NO idea what happened. Joy.

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