iCal Redux

No one seemed to notice my post about the dynamic .ics page I created for this blog... I mean it was posted at like 3:30 a.m. on a Friday, but still... ;-)

While I'm on the subject, I was checking out the new iCal Blog and noticed this link to a cool little tidbit on MacOSX Hints:

There is an easy way to view those library calendars on the iCal web site. Instead of subscribing, edit the URL and replace 'webcal' with 'http', and then remove the '.ics' from the end. For example, the US Holidays link on Apple's site looks like this to begin with:


Change it to this:


Do not add the .ics extension! Load that URL in your browser, and this will bring up the calendar just like any personal calendar. Nice when I am away from my mac stuck in PC hell!

Very Nice... Does anyone else notice the design's incredible similarity to my new manywhere design? Very amusing... and designed separately, I assure you... I just saw this for the first time today.


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