SunNetwork Keynotes

Here's a great chance to compare tech CEOs! After last night's Jobs keynote in Paris, today we can listen to Scott McNealy talk at today's SunNetwork (among others). It should be an interesting contrast in styles and methods. I love Java and Sun's okay, but Scott isn't my favorite CEO in the world... I much prefer Bill Gates to him, actually, though I hate MS. (Funny that).

Sun is going to give details about the new Sun Linux Desktop during the conference... I wonder how hard Scott's going to backpedal in his speech. He may not. He may say, "Well, I still think Linux sucks, but hey, you fools want to buy it so I'm selling it to you." or something as blatant as that. As they say in Spanish, "vamos a ver" (we'll see).

Later... Woof. Sound quality of a conference call over a bad speakerphone and McNealy is dry as burnt toast. "We're still beating that same ol' drum... the network is the computer" which I guess was in reference to the drum music that was playing, but it came off as tired and less than inspirational and that was 30 seconds into his speech.

Later still... I just ran across this section dedicated to the conference. Neat stuff. Linux, N1, plans for future, etc.


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