A day in the life...

Okay, so after seeing the MPEG-4 video last night, I decided I wanted to play with it myself. So I came home and bought Quicktime 6 (which hurts a little since I had also purchased Quicktime 5 and there was no upgrade discount) and then hooked up my digital camcorder to my new Firewire PC Card, shot some video of what was happening in my house at the moment and pulled it into my PC.

The video ended up coming down as 388 megs of raw, full-screen AVI. Then I tried to play with the free edit tool I got with the Firewire card, but either my 650Mhz P3 doesn't have enough power to do smooth effects (like lettering) or the software sucks (MGI Videowave III). I finally just gave up and opened the AVI in Quicktime and exported it as MPEG-4... I choose the default options and it shrunk everything down to just under 5 megs which is still pretty high for less than 2 minutes of video, but not horrible. I tried it again with a smaller video and less quality image and it ended up being 2.5 megs, but with an obvious loss of quality.

Anyways, here's the results. A day in the life of Russell. This is my wife, her sister Sara and Alex just finishing up his evening bottle (Ana's trying to get him to burp by holding his arms up...).

image WATCH video in high-bandwidth

image WATCH video in low-bandwidth


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