Unique URLs

It's surprising to me how most bloggers could care less about their domain name. It would drive me absolutely batty to have a number as the sole identifier of my weblog. It also drives me nuts that other people don't seem to care because when I'm checking out referrers, I'm having to start to remember who's number is who's. Is this the 1970s?

Roller's solution is better, since each person who's using the account has their User ID as their identifier. But still, all you guys using Anthony Eden's roller setup, doesn't that drive you nuts? I mean... if there was some cool generic name like blogalia.com/yourname/ that would be seem better to me than SomeOtherGuysName.com/myName/. Well, I guess since it's free it's not bad, hey? :-)


Ever have thoughts about the current URL system? Why do the TLDs come last? Why don't URLs look like this: http://com.russellbeattie.www ? Actually, why use dots at all? http://com/russellbeattie/www/notebook/... Also, have you ever considered the fact that since 99% of the web browsers out there use Microsoft, what would have happened if they decided to do a New.net thing and implement their own domains?

Hmmm.. that last thought sounds familiar... I may have blogged that a while ago.


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