The Last 20 Feet

I was leaving a comment for Marc Canter's new "The Catch-22 of Broadband" post, when I realized it was a bit long, so I decided to throw it up here also. Here's a snippet from Marc:

Until we can take advantage of always-on connections, larger user interfaces and pervasive media in all our apps and services - we'll never solve the Catch-22 of Broadband. Until we make media as intrinsic in our way of thinking and creating, as text is today - we'll never accomplish the digital revolution...

Nice rant! But it doesn't include anything about wireless! IMHO that's going to be the future connection between all the gadgets in your house and be the magic. What did I just read about the last 20ft? I can't remember... but it's the space between your computer and your home entertainment center. When you can do cool stuff like that iTunes demo Steve Jobs gave where two Macs discover each other via rendevouz and can share MP3s over a wireless connection, suddenly there's going to be more reason to want broadband. Think of the same demo with DVDs.... Some electronics manufacturer (I'm horrible with facts right now, bear with me...) just announced they're integrating Rendevouz into their consumer devices. This is the stuff that'll drive demand. Wireless is the key. Poof. Magic. Plug in my computer, plug in my wireless TiVo and "Hey, I can see cousin Dave's favorite TV shows on my TV! But man, 3 hours to download Friends? Honey, where's the number for AT&T?"

My mom has already gotten used to video conferencing and can't call me without demanding I turn on the camera, "Where's my baby?!? I want to see my grandchild!". They got a second line just to be able to do it, but can't get DSL or Cable in northern New Hampshire, so that's where they're stuck. But they'd order more bandwidth in a second if they could just to see clearer images of the kid. It's all about compelling applications and ease-of-use. It was horrible when were trying to use NetMeeting... but as soon as I walked her through downloading Yahoo Messenger and it's kick-ass easy Webcam piece, she's now a dedicated videoconferencer. She loves when I just leave the webcam on after we get off the phone so she can watch Alex hang out. She'd be even MORE happy if that could be picture-in-picture on her TV screen in the living room. But it's not like they're going to be wiring cable over there - wireless is the key.

Hmmm... this isn't a comment, it's a blog post. I'm copying pasting this onto my blog too! ;-)

Later - actually, his rant does include everything I just said! I missed this link to a article! Doh... But still. Marc doesn't STRESS wireless, which I think is the key.


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