Do you like this URL?

Hey... how do you like this URL? It's a "dot-info" domain so it's not as cool as dot-com, but it's short...

I really, really wanted, but I relied on's auto-service and it let me down. I was mad at them for a bit, but they're nothing like NSI, so I got over it. Also, has the most kick-ass domain service there is - I don't need a name server or anything. I just go in and choose the IP I want the domain name to point to and *poof* all done.

NSI - by the way - wasn't the problem. I sort of did a dumb thing and made my contact email use the same name as the domain name. So when my server went down, I had no way to "prove" that I was Russ via email confirmation and I had never signed up for their online management stuff. They're making me jump through hoops now, but honestly, this is better than someone just being able to call up and switch your domain, right? Anyways, besides being a dying ex-monopoly, I have no real beefs against Verisign. (Others definitely do, I'm sure, but I don't).

This is a nice seague into who I AM mad at, isn't it? In a bit, I want to get some other stuff written first.


Hey, is taken yet? I'd love to set up a mirror of Microsoft and have everyone start using that... (my new 4 gigs of disk space is going to my head.)

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