Getting back into the groove...

Hey there!

Who knows what URL you see right now... the name server change is slowly working it's way around the world... tomorrow I reckon' it'll be back to . Very Happy.

I sorta got out of the habit of blogging in the past week, and now I've got to get back into it again. I mean, I want to write, but it'll take a couple days to get back to that URGE like I had before. I had to rimind myself just now to put something online before I forgot.

It was so surreal during the past week. I lost my hard drive and my server and I changed jobs. Suddenly, at home and during the day I was totally out of my comfort zone I had just recently set up. I had only really started blogging seriously right before starting my last project. And seriously, I spend sooo much time on the computer, that having a server that I can call home - I use it for my links, references, and to post my thoughts, etc. - and having all my stuff set up Just So both at work and at home is part of my world. To lose it all in the space of 48 hours was mind numbing almost... as weird as that sounds. But I'm a guy that thrives on change, so it wasn't too bad an experience. Frustrating more than anything.

So now I've got this big-ass JohnCompanies server all to myself and I'm thinkin' HEY whatchya going' to do with all that space. I'm thinking about a public Roller install like FreeRoller... but I'm not sure I want to deal with the headache. Anyone got any cool ideas? Powerful computer, 1 Gig of RAM, kick-ass bandwidth... 3 Gigs HD space free...

Oh, hey. I get to eat my own words now. at one point I talked about being a freakin' moron if you didn't install SpamAssasin on your server and you had control over it. Okay. That's me. I haven't done it yet because I'm not too sure how to do it. I'm not like super Unix admin or anything. I'm going to wait a day or so until all the name changes calm down and then install it. One task at a time. (Any hints would be appreciated).

OOH! Another question! I want to back up my web server locally on a CD, so I want to download it. Anyone know of a good way to do this? My FTP program crashes (FTP Voyager) when I point it at the 600 Megs of files I need (mostly photos) and rsync for Windows sucks to the point that it doesn't even start, it just errors out on me while trying to download the first file. Anyone got a good plan? Linux -> Windows?

My job so far is great. I got to spend all day today learning about TopLink so I can help make the decision of whether to keep it or go with another OR-mapping solution. This is cool. I LOVE playing with new tech.


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