A little story

A week ago I started my new job. You know how that goes, I got assigned a seat and a new computer, got walked around and met my coworkers, met with my new boss and got the shpeel on the project and what he expects, got a crap load of documentation to wander through while I waited for the admin guys "upstairs" to get my login ready.

A little while later I got my NT login name: Russel.Beattie . Hmmm. That's not right - even the guy who gave it to me said, "It's missing an L, that's okay right?"

Uhh... "no". Despite what The Gorilla's say, Russell has two S's and two L's. It's a much nicer word that way.

But it was my first day! How do you tell someone how to spell your name and redo their work without sounding like a complete jerk? Somehow I got it through and he changed it for me... Nice guy.


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