I'm going to wack Simpleface

It's a goner... It was a good idea that died a slow death through neglect. My fault entirely. I just never really had time for it and was sort of assuming that if I built it they would come, but they never did. This is really a good lesson that if you're going to do something like this - whether it's a community website or an open source project - you need to be 110% dedicated to it. You can't just throw an idea out there and expect other people to run with it. If you check the email archives, you'll see that I knew this right from the beginning, but I went ahead and launched the site anyways.

But hey, no biggie - it was definitely worth the effort. The site - which was supposed to be a community based wiki to develop Design Patterns for good User Interfaces - gave me a lot of ideas and was the base for SimpleWeb and other code (Manywhere, for example, is modified Simpleweb code).

I still like the domain name though - I'll have to come up with something else to do with it. Now I can free up that 1% of my brain that was used to maintain that site for other stuff... hooray!


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