DotNot Ranting Feedback and Backlash

Wow... there's too many comments out there on my pro Java/DotNot rantings. I just spent the last hour TRYING to paraphrase them into some sort of post, but I gave up. Here's a list of responses. (Russ suddenly sees the advantage of Trackback blogging...)


Building Java 3 [Dylan Moreland]

Go Russell Go [Vanity Foul]

apinkin's response

The DotNet Rant [Niel Eyde]

.NET and Java [Dominic]

.Net rant rant [Cedric]

Java vs .NET [Rafe Colburn]

Dot Not and More Dot Not [Big Kev]

Java vs .NET: let's fight FUD with technical excellence and Sun's java leadership: attitude towards IBM and BEA [Patrick Chanezon]

Russell said some pretty nice things about Dot-Net [Blogging Roller]

And my favorite so far:

Pariah [Gordon Weakliem]


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