I'm blogging. I was browsing, now I figured I'd blog some.

Interesting stuff about Spain after doing a Google News search:

The Reign of Spain: #25 on the Forbes Billionaire list is a guy from Spain. He's the owner of Zara which is some international clothing sensation. I had no idea.

Spain, the Slumbering Giant: A Bloomberg article that I thought was going to talk about potential of the Spanish economy from an outside perspective, really just talks about lunch. "I could stay here and work over lunch, but it would be giving away my free time," Uh-huh. Welcome to Spain. Depends on the company and person, but if I took a two hour lunch, no one would bat an eye (as long as I stayed at work until 8 every night... ugh.)

People are leaving San Francisco... For Europe. Paris specifically. Huh. I guess now that I have cable, I'm not as home sick. (That's a pathetic thought, hey?) Here's your first tip about living abroad: Get cable.

Megnut I guess is going to live there. And Jason is spending a month there. Paris is GREY, people. Look at a map. See how close it is to London? You think all the clouds, mist, cold, and general inclimate weather that the UK is famous for magically disappears as soon as it hits the continent? Think again.

Did you know Liverpool has labrynths?. I mean, I've heard about the Cavern, but tunnels? I think this is from Boing, boing where he aptly described it as the Winchester Mystery House underground. Trippy.

More from Cory... why are all the Muppets left handed? Man, there's so much neat shit on that blog it's information overload just reading it, let alone visiting the links or reading the comments.

After all my ranting about Velocity and hating Tags a while back, I've decided that I sorta dig the JSTL. Notice how I'm writing this very small and mixed in with other items. ;-)

An analysis of Chandler as the return of Agenda. Also, Mitch said today he just discovered Wiki's and is quite surprised that mailing lists are full of opinions and crap. Maybe Kapor isn't as bright as I thought. Nice page of prototype screenshots from Andy. In Python on Redhat 8.0... cool, but give us the fucking code!

So while I'm here working on my little open source project, which is really nothing more than a few hundred lines of Java code wiring up other small OSS projects, there's these guys creating an OSS 3D Gaming engine. That puts things into perspective. Man, I need to get a clue.

While perusing O'Reilly's OnLAMP, I noticed this article about Rick's SquirrelMail. On my to do list, even though it's not Java.

Long pause. I just gave the babe his bottle. We can't get him to sleep through the night, so on weekends since I'm usually up at these insane hours, I try to be the one to give him the bottle. Ana thankfully handles it during the rest of the week.

Where was I? I think I was going to bed... ;-)


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