Big Silly Geek Smiles

After seeing Will Sargent's comment on my EJB post, I checked out his webpage. It's very cool - it's got some CSS frame-like goodness which is pretty cool (though I hate the refresh... browsers need to catch up).

I also notice this amusing bit:


I signed up for the Sun Certified Developer assignment.

It is a sad incrimination that nothing has been able to get me out of bed chirpier in the last two weeks. Every morning I look at the blatantly minimal not-a-spec they gave me and start doodling on yellow legal paper, a big silly smile on my face. Then I start coding. I haven't been coding for close to a month. I feel like I just got my favorite comfy chair and a glass of warm milk.

Hehheh. Will sounds like my type of guy. Except for the fact that he was defending Dynamo in his comments. Ugh. Have you USED Dynamo in a big project? I have and it's torture. Pure hair-pulling, eye-poking torture. Droplets are curse. FormHandlers are a joke. Hot deploy and remote debugging is non existant. After a short while of development, you start to have 400 properties files, linked in various and increasinigly confusing ways. Trying to catch up ATG has grafted J2EE onto their circa 1998 technology, which has created this Frankenstein app server from hell... Oof. If I NEVER touch Dynamo again it'll be too soon.

Someday I'll stop holding back and tell you how I really feel.


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