Helping my branes...

Several people left comments to help me understand the term "Semantic Web" a little more, one of the longest and best was Les Orchard's (of 0xDECAFBAD):

Looks like the Semantic Web hurts Russell Beattie's branes. Hurts mine too. But, I tried explaining what I think I understand in a comment on his blog and I figure it's worth reposting here for ridicule and correction:

Did you happen to catch Tim Berners-Lee on NPR Science Friday today? Not sure if you get the broadcast there, or listen to the stream. He was expounding on the Semantic Web a bit.


Cool link to TBL! I'm definitely going to have to listen to it. Les goes on to explain from his understanding what the semantic web is... check it out.

Later... I just noticed this Scientific American article on the Semantic Web at the bottom of the Science Friday page. I can't find a link... is there somewhere I can LISTEN to the show??!!?


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