Yowza. Link Love Galore!

Wow... I'm blown away by the fact that a couple of very influential people in the technology world are linking to me tonight.

First I saw that Joi Ito linked to my Semantic Web rant which I thought was very cool... you never know what things you write will strike people's interests. Much of what's written here is pure "as I'm doing it" writing. I was trying to figure out what the Semantic Web was, wrote down my thoughts and poof - it gets noticed, and then that gets noticed, etc... incredible.

And a little while ago, I wrote up my thoughts on Getting Things Done as I was looking through the book, and then went back to work trying to install Spam Assassin on my Linux server. I just got an email from Victor telling me I've been "Scriptdotted". And sure enough, Dave has posted a link to me. A little picture of my face on the side of the post and everything... Very cool, and very surprising on a variety of levels. Thanks for the link love Dave!

Dave's totally right - reading and writing about getting things done is a great way to procrastinate and not get things done. I was thinking that as I was writing... But I need to stop, regroup and get a better system in place because I'm not being nearly as efficient as I need to be right now. Hopefully the stuff I'm learning in the book will help that. Actually, I should stop messing with my server right now (procmail? oof...), read a couple more chapters, then go to bed so I can get a good start on the day tomorrow.

My To Do for this evening: Turn off the computer. Read 2 chapters. Go to sleep... See? It's helping already.


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