Attention Deficit Disorder

I regularly joke that I'm a Ritalin Child, but actually this might be closer to the truth than I think. Here's an email I just got from Andrew Cohill which makes a lot of sense:

Subject: Getting things done...another view

You may want to read up on ADD...I've been struggling with distraction and procrastination all my life, and recently began reading about ADD. There are six different types of ADD, and each requires a different approach to dealing with it. ADD is created by chemical imbalances in the brain, and no amount of to do lists help. I've tried dozens and dozens of "organizing" strategies over the years, and have spent much time beating myself up for not sticking with them. I've always viewed my failures as, well, failures--not having the backbone to be organized...but it's probably something else entirely.

Try to get "Healing ADD," by Daniel Amen.

Best regards,
Andrew Michael Cohill, Ph.D.
Information architect

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Hmmmm... That's very interesting. I'll have to take a look on Google and see what I can come up with on this subject.


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