Summer in Australia

While I was watching TV news this morning (CNN International and BBC World) it dawned on me after seeing the weather reports that It's almost SUMMER in AUSTRALIA! Yeah! Suddenly it's making a lot more sense to me why the Aussie-bloggers aren't as productive lately.

That's got to be a goal of mine, I think. Find some way where I can afford two or three homes around the world - The coast of Spain, California and Australia. Then I could just bop my family from country to country throughout the year and have endless Summers... I could really get into that!

Hmmm... But I've got to find some legitimate way of living in Australia. My Grandmother was Canadian, maybe I could claim my Canadian citizenship, become part of the commonwealth, and then move down there. Hahaha, right. Okay, I guess I'll just have to move to Miami instead.


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