Tara Sue gets 10%

This is really cool stuff (via Matt Croydon):

Weblogs and Elections

With 100% reporting, it's Coble with 88.81% and Grubb with 11.19%. Compare this with North Carolina's senate race where Sean Haugh, the Libertarian candidate recieved just over 1% of the vote. Or district 12 for the House, where Carey Head recieved just over 1.5%. Or Alex MacDonald's 3% in district 13.

This is significant.

I totally agree. You can add a few percentage points for the free press she got for being "the first", but still, it's an amazing feat. This technology is significant. I love also how it came after the dot-com bust so people aren't psychotic about it (yet). Man in 1998 if I had a webpage that gets as many hits as my blog does now, I would've had angel investors crawling all over me (well, maybe not, but you get the idea). My point is that it's a technological revolution that's underway in a totally grassroots manner. Cool stuff.


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