Here comes the rain again

From Duncan's weblog:

Here Comes the Rain

The Bay Area doesn't have seasons in the traditional sense. There really isn't a Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall cycle like there is in most of the country. And in SF itself, things are even more odd as the warmest time of year is Spring and Fall, not Summer. Really, for all practical purposes, it just boils down to two seasons: Sunny and Rainy.

Tonight the rain came. There's actually been a few sparks of lightning (very rare for the Bay Area) marking its arrival. It's the start of the Rainy Season.

Heh. I remember in 1997/1998 it rained like every day for 3 months or more. I remember specifically because it was beautiful until the weekend my cousin Lara came to visit me in November and it just started raining. I said to her, "What bad luck, it's been great weather until you got here." And then it just kept on raining. And raining. Until like JUNE.

Doesn't mean I don't miss San Francisco though, even in Winter. ;-)

Actually, it's rained a lot in the past couple years here in Madrid too... hmmm... Maybe I'm like that Rain God in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's guide. Was his name Russell too? No, that was Fenchurch's brother, the guy with the blown-dry hair. Bleh.


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