And to wrap up the handheld review, the New Zaurus


What a coincidence... here I am ranting about handhelds and up pops this news. I just saw it on Slashdot and at just about the same time, but Pelle sums it up best:

New Zaurus

Just saw on SlashDot that Sharp's announced a new updated version of the Zaurus.
I've got one of the original developers versions the SL-5000, which is cool even though I've only gotten it to sync once.
Norwegian site InfoSync as usual has the eral scoop on the new features. Basically 32M SDRAM, 64M Flash and a 400MHz XScale.
Cool. However the real news is linux kernel 2.4.18 (which will make it a lot easier to port stuff to it), a non TCP/IP based USB syncing facility (Yipee) and much more.
Besides that it has proper sound I/O now, Opera 6, Flash, Acrobat, Hancom Office and as before the Jeode Personal JVM.

COOOOL stuff. Add this to my technolust list. When are we going to see Linux on a phone? I saw a speculative article yesterday about how Nokia's Series 60 isn't actually tied to Symbian, and they could pop it on top of Linux... it would be interesting.


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