Blogger Pics

New babies seem like a great form of finally seeing who our fellow bloggers are. Just recently, I got to see a pic of Matt and Jim, both with their respective little ones in hand. Very Nice! I hope our next kids is a girl, pink's a cute color on a baby...

Most of the Mini/PersonalBloggers have their photos on the top left like me which I really like. It gives a face to the opinions... some people are starting to say that weblogs are going to become your avatar online and I agree. Your image is part of that, IMHO.

The thing about pics is they're really static. My words and opinions change every day, but the photo stays the same. That pic was the best I had on hand when I started the weblog. It's from a dinner in January 2001 in Segovia. I'm actually leaning over to get closer to a friend of mine for a shot, that's why the background is tilted (if you haven't noticed before). I've changed it once, then changed it back... it's sort of an icon on the blog now. I've lost some weight and gotten a little greyer since that shot... but I'm sorta remiss to change it.

Wouldn't it be cool if it was practical to change the image every day? Actually, it probably wouldn't be that hard to do. I guess I could wire up my webcam, and every morning when I start to post, take a snapshot of me in that moment... Hmmmm. I'll have to take a look at the MiniBlog code to see how difficult that would be.


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