Back into C++

All this Symbian talk has me nuts to start writing cool mobile apps. To do the really cool stuff on these phones, you gotta do it in C++, so I've decided going to tackle it again. A lot has changed since I tried and failed to grok C++ around this time last year, but I'm thinking this go around I might be successful in getting something done. What has changed? Well, first there's better tools and books out now to help developing for Symbian that weren't out a year ago. And now, thanks again to blogging, I've got resources where I can go to get help.

The first thing I did yesterday was IM my blog-buddy Jim in the UK and say "HEEELLP!" And he immediately gave me tons of good pointers on where to start with C++, links to sites, and offers to help me when I need it. Awesome.

Just now, Jim posted a bunch of C++ links on his blog that came out of that discussion, and they're very good. Nice resource to have. I also bought these books: Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example (AW C++ in Depth) (as suggested by Jim and at half price!), Symbian OS Communications Programming, and Programming for the Series 60 Platform and Symbian OS (DIGIA Series 60) which all should be arriving by Monday. So I'm all set to get started...

Very cool. Thanks, again Jim!

By the way, check out this article on Multimedia Messaging Services in Japan. It says that Vodafone's subsidiary J-Phone has signed up over a million subscribers to it's video-messaging service in just the past 9 months. Pretty cool stuff. The Japanese are a bit different than Westerners in their fetish for new tech, but those numbers are too strong to think that it'll be completely different here. Can't wait to start playing!


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