State and Session Management for Wireless Web Apps

I was going through BEA's nicely done Dev2Dev site, when I saw a link to the Weblogic Developer's Journal and decided to check it out online. There's this very interesting article that I haven't had time to totally go through, but looks like it's exactly the sort of area I want to start looking into more:

Are your handhelds safe in J2EE hands?
Nontraditional state and session management for nontraditional clients.

As J2EE usage proliferates into new domains, software engineers are realizing that out-of-the-box components cannot be used to solve problems for which they were not designed. One such example is state and session management (SSM) for applications serving wireless devices. We'll look at why traditional techniques don't work and how you can create your own scalable, fault-tolerant SSM solution. ...

It seems very interesting. Like I've said A LOT recently, I think this is where there's going to be a lot of attention in the next year or so, starting now to get expertise would be nice to both be prepared and to be unique in the job market isn't a bad idea. Expertise in developing apps for mobile clients from both a client side and a server side is going to be in demand I think. Web services access from mobile client applications is going to be big too because there are going to be many applications that don't need a full-on Web-UI, but rather just something small, useful and connected that's quick and easy to use from the mobile interface.

I wish the Dev2Dev had a "weblog" style listing of their latest articles though, so I know what's the newest additions to the whole site just by glancing.


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