Is it Thanksgiving?

I spent the day slapping down code like a psycho. My last day will be next Thursday, so I want the stuff I've been working on to be solid for Friday so that we can spend the next week testing/debugging/fixing. Of course I was sucking down Diet-Coke like a fiend (and the occasional evil-something from the junk machine) so I was totally beat when I got home, so I zoned in front of our cable for a while. Anyways, I just came back online now before I go to bed and THERE'S A TON OF MESSAGES for me! Thanks everyone!

Also, there's a ton of blog posts... I've been sorta wondering what's happening with the community lately, the frequency of posts has definitely died down. But tonight there's a ton.

It must have something to do with Thanksgiving. Much of Silicon Valley is off this whole week I read. That accounts for 2 or 3 people right there. And I'm sure it's a bit slower in other parts of the U.S. also. I don't know. Obviously there's nothing here to remind me of Thanksgiving, but I spend enough time online to "feel" it's here.

Personally, I've never had a really bad Thanksgiving travel experience, so I always loved the days before. Coming home to New England from the various places I've lived over the years is always sort of fun. That Wednesday when the roads and planes are just jammed up and everyone you see is on the go. People everywhere going to and fro. I know it sounds nuts, but I've always gotten a thrill by it all. Hey, that reminds me! We've got Planes, Trains and Automobiles on DVD! We'll have to pull it out on Thursday! We can watch it after our 2nd annual trip to TGIFriday's for Thanksgiving Dinner. We don't have an oven, so we head over there for their special "Thanksgiving Turkey-Plate Special" which last year had this great stuffed turkey roll and all the fixings. That should make it a good evening.

Anyways, tomorrow a bunch of you reading this will be on the go. Have fun!


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