Bravery, Honesty or Stupidity?

I need to get to work, but I just wanted to make a quick comment. I'm not sure the way I write is brave, honest, or plain friggin' stupid. My wife thinks I share a bit too much, and honestly, I'd like to share a bit more to get the backlog of thoughts out of my skull. I've even thought of starting an anonymous blog so I can stop holding back and really get into it.

However, as my readership goes up - over 6,000 people saw my site n November - I am having a tendency to talk to the crowd a bit more. In some ways I rant more, but in other ways I temper what I say. I need to stop that.

I am starting to develop certain ground rules. I don't talk about work much any more after the disaster in July when my managers found my blog, printed out various pages that they didn't like (including any disparaging comment about Spain) and demanded that I take them down. In their mind even saying "Telefonica" and "ATG Dynamo" in the same sentence was some sort of violation of my contract. My first job in 7 months meant that I did as I was told - though I SAVED the passages to repost later, I then lost them in October when I erased my hard drive by accident. It was sort of a weazily solution anyways.

I also decided not to attack people personally any more. I just didn't get a good feeling from the last time and decided it was, in general, a dumb thing to do. If I'm attacking someone like that, when I actually AM beet-red with anger - it's probably a good time to step away from the computer for a day or so and get some perspective. ;-) I've decided there are two ways to deal with bloggers that truly piss me off, rant about them or ignore them. Ranting just calls more attention their way. Blogs live for attention, so even though it seems like a solution, the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Consequently, I can't comment on everything I read on a daily basis, so my not commenting means nothing. But if I AM ranting, it usually means that I'm not pissed. Does that make ANY sense?

Beyond this, I think just about anything that passes through my head is fair game. I try not to censor myself. Well, that's until I discover some more rules... ;-)


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