How much do YOU remember?


Blogging does it again... I'm amazed at this medium. I share a bit about myself here and in return, I get new jobs, cool chat buddies, learn new things and hear from people I haven't seen in 26 years and have no recollection of:


I saw your website. Tell me, did you ever live in Ogunquit, Maine when you were a very small child, say maybe 4 years old? And do you have a brother named David?

If so, I lived across the street from you. I'm sure you won't remember me, but your brother might- we're closer in age. Let me know if it's so, just to satisfy my curiosity. And if it is you, how the heck are you? Judging from the photos on your site, you sure have grown a lot since last I saw you.

Austin, TX

Wow! I did indeed live in Ogunquit and my brother is David. I forwarded the email on to him and my Mom because I have NO idea who this woman is, but she obviously has me down cold. My brother, who's 6 years older than me, remembers her quite well - he used to play with her and her brother a lot. He's going to send her an email to say hi.

The good thing is that Sharon's not who I first thought she was. There's a story that's famous in my family about a little girl who lived next door who bit me. God knows what I was doing to her to piss her off, but in front of everyone she just grabbed me and bit me right in my back. Left teeth marks, I've been told. I don't remember that incident either (how much do YOU remember from when you were 3 or 4 years old?). But this isn't her, thank goodness. Can you imagine my reply? Yeah I remember you, you bit me! Thankfully, Sharon seems to be a normal childhood playmate of my brother's.

I guess the little girl who bit me was pretty malicious. I asked my Mom about her and she said that her name was Justine and that her and her brother Jason were horrible little children (of course, one of them bit her youngest child!!). Then she went on to say something like, "They're both probably in jail now, I would guess. Evil little buggers." Wow. LOL... Now I know where I get it from...



P.S. Yeah, watch... I'll get an email from Justine any day now...

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