Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

Matthew Langham emailed me and asked me about my new job. He missed a few posts and couldn't figure out what was going on. I emailed him back with a pointer to the announcement.

This goes along with a link on Dave's site today: Ken Hirsch: "I really dislike the fact that all blogs are in reverse chronological order." Bleh. Ken's being whingy.

My front page is purposefully big to keep as much content as possible up front, with the most recent at the top. The vast majority of my readers, however, read via news readers, so they only come to my blog via permalinks normally. This is good, in case you feel like Ken does, because individual pages are ordered chronologically. This makes it quite easy to read my blog from start to finish, if you so inclined. Blogs are like Soap Operas: miss a day and sometimes you can be totally lost, like Matthew.

What I do at the end of every month is pick a date in the past - usually a month or two behind, and then start reading. When I get to the bottom of the page, I click on the "next day" link and keep going. It's nice and easy, lets me review loose threads I may have forgotten about and, for you, my faithful reader, will allow you to keep up with my ever changing world. Cool hey?



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