Moof Down Under


I've been promising Moof - that would be Giles from the uCosm - that if he got his stuff together and posted about his trip around the world, I'd link to his site as sort of an incentive.

Here's the big one he's been promising for a week or so... a snippet:

As well as non-poisonous snakes in the habitat, there's kangaroos and wallabies (you too can feed them for $2 a bag of kangaroo food - they nibble it right out of your hands), Koala bears (in a special environment that had the essential parts of the Eucalyptus tree there, but very little else - pet one for a small donation towards the upkeep of the habitat), tree frogs (who were mating as we went past), crocodiles (which you could hardly see in the lake), fruitbats (aka. flying foxes) and a huge selection of birds. Amongst them were many different kinds of parrots, kukabarra, rainbow lorakeets, owls, a couple of emu, and a few of the colourful bird on the right, the Cassowary. This is one of Australia's largest birds, flightles, and can stand up to 1.75m high. The seated specimen in the picture on the right was about 1.5m tall from toe to helmet. It has huge feet, with some very long claws, which can do serious damage to anything it gets angry with, and a brightly coloured neck. It's also seriously endangered, with estimates in the region of as few as 1,500-3,000 left. It's a truly majestic bird, and you obviously do not want to be in its path if it wants to get somewhere.

Moof also just did a redesign of his blog, which is another reason I'm linking to it. He finally went with MT, I'm pretty sure. Though the background, IMHO, is way too dark, it's a much cleaner design all around. Nice Moof!


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