KaZaa works

Okay... so I've been using Gnucleus and Limewire thinking that all Gnutella clients are the same and thinking that I didn't want to mess with KaZaa becasue of all the spyware and stuff. But while chatting with Dr. Thauvin online, he strongly recommended trying KaZaa out, so I did... and I'm very impressed. It's SOOO much better than the other Gnutella clients its amazing. I just downloaded a bunch of stuff that I've been meaning to grab for a while and never have been able to via the other clients.

I still don't trust Kazaa, though, so I downloaded KaZaa Lite instead, which is this project which strips out all the crap from the KaZaa client. It's running right now, spyware free.

Very cool.


Later... in my comments Ole says "You probably know this already, but Kazaa is not a Gnutella client at all." Thanks for thinking I had a clue, but I didn't know that. ;-)

Or actually, I confused it with I think Morpheus. I remembered that last year, the people who owned FastTrack blocked some of the other clients from their network and they had to change over to Gnutella and thought Kazaa was it, but it's the reverse. Kazaa it seems still uses FastTrack, which, I have to say, RULES.

I'm downloading stuff now that I thought was lost forever. Like Erik said, I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes. It's so hard to UNLEARN! It's too bad Kazaa can't think of other ways to make money besides spyware, which is why I avoided it for so long in the first place (and the erroneous assumption that Gnutella was just as good. It's not).


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