Internet in my pocket


Yeah hoooooo! Can you believe it? I just got off the phone with a Telefonica tech who called me to go over my settings. On a Saturday evening at 8 p.m.??!?! He fixed my internet connectivity problems on my phone and now I have the equivalent of dial-up access to the internet via my mobile. WOOHOO!

I sent out a couple messages to test and I downloaded an app called IM+ which lets me chat through MSN/AOL/ICQ on the phone. I don't like the IM UI all that much since I can't see the message I'm responding to, and when more messages come in, I hear them arrive, but don't see them until I send the message I'm working on. T9 definitely works well enough to chat.

For future reference for anyone Googling this page (though I still have no idea why my back pages aren't cached at google).

Nokia 7650 GPRS Settings - Telefonica, Spain

Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access Points -> [Choose an Access Point/Create new]:
Connection Name: Internet GPRS
Data Bearer: GPRS
Access Point Name:
User name: MOVISTAR
Prompt password: no
Password: MOVISTAR
Authentication: Normal
Gateway IP address:
Options -> Advanced settings:
Phone IP address: Dynamic
Primary name server:
Seondary name server:

Hopefully that will someone in the future. The main problem was the p in front of the Access Point Name. The default doesn't have any sub domain, but it definitely was weird because the other services: WAP/MMS/SMS all have a subdomain.

Now... It's Saturday night. Perfect for a marathon hacking session. ;-) Hopefully I'll be moblogging before Monday.


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