My New Blog Roll

I reorganized my blog roll. First I got rid of the "Java Apartheid" as Jim called it and took out the logo because I'm blogging less and less (for now) about Java and so much more about mobile stuff. I decided to separate the links into two sections, the stuff that I without fail read every day even if I'm seriously busy and the stuff that I read first when I want to sit down and enjoy a nice long blogging section.

Now a week or so ago I was bitching about how people haven't updated their blogs, but happily it seems that it was just a seasonal abnormality. I decided to make a cut-off date of January 1st. Any blog that hasn't been updated since before then would get cut - as a way of helping weed down my list. But almost all have been updated since then! Woohoo! Blogging is alive and well!

I realized how long it has been since I touched that list. Two or three sites didn't work or have been changed considerably. Also, there were blogs that I stopped reading long ago but never got around to deleting them from my Mozilla Tabbed Bookmarks (one guy was this rabid Republican. Yuck.) I'm going to go through and make a second cut because there's some news sites that aren't updating much and my interests are changing a bit now as I focus on other things, so the more Java-heavy technical sites may actually be moved off as I wait for my moods to change again. ;-)

Ahh. It feels nice to have organized that a bit. I'm going to make an effort to clean it out more often. I really need to automate it and use an aggregator!


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