Microsoft acquires Placeware

This news is interesting inasomuch that I got an offer to work at Placeware years ago when they were just starting. It was a real startup, with our interview taking place over a fold-out table, talk of options, etc. I would have been employee #10 or something like that (who knows, that's how many people they could still have now). Turning it down was a big deal at the time for me as the guys who started it were straight out of Xerox's PARC and it seemed very much along the lines of what I wanted to do with my company (before my company was started). I would've been a doo-bee there however, not working on the real product (the cool stuff), but doing internal apps and support and stuff. Bleh.

Interesting to see them still around and now being bought by the borg. First Peter, my old boss, and now this. It's like they're coming after me. Aaaaaaaaahhhh.


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