Moblogging test


Later... I created a weblog page that is easy for me to read/edit on my Nokia. Now I can post from anywhere without messing with!

Testing this via Bluetooth is great. It's a lot faster, easier and cheaper than GPRS.

I CAN'T figure out just yet how the heck to access a web server ON my PC! Weird... it's like it's ignoring the IP and going only for the DNS. Doesn't make sense... I don't know what's wrong.

Later... Yep. I was using the wrong IP. The word "localhost" or doesn't work, which sort of makes sense since the phone has it's own IP. But you can use the name of your computer (in Windows at least) and that works. Mine's rbeattie. That'll work for now - it's even an environment variable %COMPUTERNAME%. Good.


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