Erik's Mom

Erik hardly ever puts anything personal on his web page, including any opinions more than a line or two. But he posted this yesterday and I wanted to express my hopes that his Mom is okay:

A few years ago my mom had major lower back surgery. Three of her discs were removed and was told she would most likely never walk again.

A few months later she was walking her way to Vietnam and even came to visit us. Her left thigh is completely numb which hasn't stopped her one bit.

Nevertheless, the surgery has been deemed a failure. Some of her remaining discs have shifted, and fragments from one of her herniated disc are preventing the healing process.

To make the matter even worse, she called to let me know that she can no longer walk and is pretty much paralyzed. Drugs don't seem to help very much either.

She has an appointment with France's foremost back expert next Friday and will hopefully find out more then. But it really sounds like she will need more surgery.

Needless to say I'm totally bummed about it.

Bleh. My Mom fell down on the ice in a parking lot when I was in high-school and destroyed her right leg. This was several years after getting knocked down at work at MIT and collapsing two discs in her back. She now constantly has problems walking or sitting and has spent years in pain. I can relate to Erik in a big way, it just sucks. I hope this doc can help his Mom.


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