Lots of stuff to post tonight... Let's start with 'the rules'

Well, I should reiterate the "rules" of this blog again. Basically, I post what I want and you read if you want to. I try not to edit my posts beyond a 3 minute window where I try to fix spelling errors, erroneous info or just dumb things I said. After that if I change a post, I append a "Later..." at the bottom and rarely if ever change the contents of the post itself. I think that makes it pretty clear.

I do have some basic pet peeves about people who leave anonymous or nasty comments or comments that say an opposite political opinion just to say it. This isn't Slashdot. This blog is like my house and leaving a comment is like dropping in for a chat. I know there are other opinions out there and I know that my opinions are sometimes strong. I don't force you to read this blog, don't force me to read your bile in my comments. If you have an opinion so strong against what I've said on my blog, put it on your own blog. In general you're more than welcome to tell me I'm an idiot, but I reserve the right to delete any comment on this blog for any reason I choose. I haven't really said that before, but I'm saying it now. Generally, however, if you're a blogger, I probably won't delete your comments, because I know if you're truly rip-roaring mad about something I said, you'll continue on your own blog (or I'll tell you to). But if you just leave an email, I'm less enthusastic and anonymous postings annoy me. Of course technical debates are always fun and comments of love and admiration are always welcome. ;-) You get the idea, don't piss me off on my own website.

So there, I feel cleansed again and going to try to catch up with my back log of thoughts!


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