Google's cacheing me! But there's a catch...

I checked out my logs last night and did a search this morning and Google is starting to cache my previous pages finally! Yeah! The Googlebot doesn't seem to work like I thought it would, however, so it seems to have only cached a small subset of the pages so far. (But hey, beggars and choosers, right?) What I thought would happen is that the GoogleBot would see the front page, spider the links, find my archive page with all those links to html pages and grab those also.

What SEEMS to be happening is that the Googlebot is actually arriving from other sites and only caching THOSE pages. Interesting, hey? It seems that unless someone ELSE thinks your site is worth linking to, then Googlebot doesn't care either. Pretty slick, hey? I may have to play with this a bit and add a static version of the archives to one of my other domains that Google parses in order to fool it into thinking someone else cares about ALL my pages. ;-)

Speaking of my logs, I haven't analyzed my January logs yet but it's almost 50 Megs! Holy crap. February's logs are past 14 Megs already. Pretty nuts, and this is only a moderately busy weblog.


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