My kid's a cutie. Alex learns to clap.

Here's Alex this evening showing me how to clap. He's been doing this for a week or so now for his Mom and Grandmother, but I have yet to see it until this evening. He's pretty darn cute, no? I was amazed. He even threw a little thumb-sucking combo in there also... what a champ!

When I saw him there clapping for us, I had two options. I could squeeze by him, open up the cupboard, grab the camera bag, open it up, take out the video camera, praying that there was both battery power and a blank tape in it, turn it on and start videoing, hoping he was still doing what he was doing. OR I could just grab my Nokia 7650, click the video button and capture the moment. It's not the clearest video in the world, but at least I got it "on tape". You guys are seeing my son clap at the same time I saw him clap for the first time. Cool huh?

Who says you have to be mobile in order to Moblog? ;-)


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