My Baby Boy is a Kamakaze Maniac


I worked at If you've had a kid and live in the U.S. you probably have heard of them and have signed up for their weekly Pregnancy/Newborn newsletter - I helped work on some of the back-end technology that customized those newsletters back a few years ago. Big Sun boxes (well, big for 1999) in an office in SoMa... my first real Java job. Pretty cool. That was when I was young and carefree. Four years later, I'm a Dad and now I'm on the receiving end of their emails and I'm amazed at how uncannily accurate they are! Babies really do follow quite the pattern. Today's email was about getting ready for your baby to start walking. And that's exactly what's happening!

Alex is scaring the shit out of Ana and I right now because he seems not to realize he can't stand up on his own yet. It doesn't stop him from scrambling up onto his feet hanging on to the couch or a chair, and then balancing as best he can and then LETTING GO. It's like watching Darwin working in front of your eyes. There hasn't been a night in two weeks I haven't heard a a screech from Ana and we have to go diving after him before he headplants (again). It's sort of a balancing act (no pun intended) trying to figure out how much you should let your baby get bumped up a bit and how much you need to make sure they don't bang their head. I'm thinking seriously about plush wall-to-wall carpeting or not letting him out of his padded play-pen until he works it out. ;-)

Anyways, he's a cutie no? Click on the pic above for more... He's starting to get some personality in the shots (and yes we need to start thinking about cutting his hair, it's a disaster. ;-) )


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