Siemens To Launch Series 60 Phone: The SX1


This is the first good photo I've seen of this phone, so I decided to post about it now as opposed to when I saw it yesterday. The keypad is odd as hell. Okay. So is the Nokia 3650. What's with these Symbian guys that they can't leave the freakin' keypad alone!?!? ;-) But other that that it's a GREAT phone!

It looked "clunky" in the first pics we saw yesterday according to Jim, but the fact is that it's a lot lighter than I thought at first - only 110g. That's 20g lighter than the 3650 and 50g lighter than the 7650/P800. And it's physically smaller with a lot of features. This thing could have some wings! Though I haven't been impressed so far with the Siemens phones I've seen, with the Series 60 UI, maybe they can't screw the menu up as bad as I've seen (like on the M50, ugh, what a horrible menu!).

Rafe has all the details and a great analysis, but here's what I like about it. Small, great battery, camera included, tri-band/GPRS, Bluetooth, built-in FM radio, MMC memory card support (YES!), 65k color screen (wow), USB (interesting).

I may be in love with this phone. Or maybe the better word is lust since even the name says "Sex One". My loyalties aren't so easily swayed from Nokia, but still, this is a kick-ass device. All the stuff I want in the 3650, but smaller, with stereo sound and a better screen and slightly better OS. Yeah baby! And I thought my wait was almost over with the 3650! The SX1 is supposed to launch sometime in the first half of the year, and you all know how these dates go, so it'll be out in late Summer probably.

Can't wait.


Later... Update next day: This thing is going to have 24 MEGS of internal memory, not including the MMC card. Wow, is Siemens doing this phone right! Yeah baby!

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