Russell Unplugged


I'm not doing an EvHead, and I'm not getting off my computer, I'm just physically disconnecting the Internet cable so I can get some work done today. Otherwise I'll be blogging or reading other blogs all day as per normal.

I was just not going to connect all day - having brought my PC across the room from my DSL connection (without WiFi card) and was working there. But we ate lunch and I plugged my computer back in to juice up the batteries and thought - like an addict - "I'll just connect for a minute. Just to read my mail..." and as you can see I'm now blogging. I may need help. Is there a 12 step program for bloggers?

Well, it's a good thing I did indeed connect because Nathan kindly sent me an email to tell me that the Wired news story was picked up by BBC News. On the front page no less. YEAH BABY! Thanks Nathan!

Urgh. Now the only problem is that I have to fix my manywhere URL. Somehow people are receiving instead of when they go to the site and that's what the BBC put in their story. The Simpleface UI project died last year, and I just added the URL to my list of domains that Manywhere picks up but somehow that's being shown as the main URL. URGH!!! I have no idea why. Now I've got to write some header-redirect code to fix this. What a dumb-ass mistake on my part... I noticed this last week in that all the referrers from Manywhere came from, but I didn't fix it then. I'm a bozo.

Anyways, I purposefully am labeling my projects with Manywhere in case some day I can actually make a commercial go with that name (I like it) and it seems to be working since both the Wired article and BBC used the whole name "Manywhere Moblogger" instead of just Moblogger... which is very cool. Personally, I like Microsoft's marketing tactics and am emulating them. "Word" and "Smartphone" are both generic terms that Microsoft has hijacked with their brand name in front. It's a good plan.

Wait... Am I blogging again instead of being productive? Why, yes I am... I started an outline of ideas for things I want to blog about but don't have time yet. I'll never catch up at this rate... maybe I need to learn to type faster?

Or maybe just think faster...


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