Now The Fun Really Begins... Slashdotted.

Holy shit. My first Slashdotting. I wonder if OrionServer will survive?

I'm throwing up some static pages now and hoping for the best.

Later... Okay. Did that. Thankfully, I first tried and tested my HTML redirect servlet on Manywhere first, which is actually being run on a modified version of Simpleweb. This meant that even though all the pages are dynamic, they appeared static, like this blog now. This made mimicing the site as static pages much easier. Even though I'm sure there wasn't a lot of overhead - I wanted to make sure I was prepared for the famous Slashdotting (my project link is first, holy christ)... so I just did a save-as to my pages as HTML in Mozilla, copied the webapp dir that manywhere is running under now, replaced the the .jsp pages with static ones and then swapped out running app directory for the copy. *Poof* Orion Server didn't miss a beat... I didn't even have to restart the server.

Hopefully should be able to withstand the load. My email will stay up even if the site goes down, please drop me a note if you suddenly can't see the server. Thanks!


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