Idiots Everywhere... Nice to know

There's sort of a comfort in knowing that there's wierdos and idiots in every country. It's 3:23 a.m. and I should be in bed, but I'm up reading the web as usual. Even though Spain is a relatively late country where bed time is normally around 12p.m. or 1, it's still VERY late for most people and the streets are dead quiet.

About 15 minutes ago, however, some guy pulls up RIGHT in front of my building and parks and starts blasting music. But ready for this, he's not blasting RAP or Spanish music or antyhing like that, he's blasting the soundtrack from Caberet. Yep, Liza Minelli at 3:00 a.m. BLASTING.

He woke Alex up of course and I wanted to throw things at him or call the cops but Ana didn't want to do either (the cops here, I guess, are better left alone). You have to wonder what is wrong with someone that they would come and park in front of your building at some seriously odd hour blasting showtunes from 1975... I know this album, by the way, because my family loved the movie. I haven't heard it 20 odd years or so - thankfully - but I can still hum along to "money makes the world go around" just like the best of them. Anyways, he's gone now (the fucking wacko), but I just wanted to share...

Your odd moment from a world away,


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