My Parents are Coming For A Visit And The War

This should be fun, I just got an email from my Mom, they're coming out on the 20th for a visit for just three days. Don't ask me why such a short visit, but they haven't seen their grandson since he was 3 months old, so they're going nuts. Alex is so big now that it's going to be great for them to get to know him a bit more since he's so mobile and full of personality now.

However, like I said here, war is inevitable. Whether it happens by the 20th, I'm not sure, but by the end of March without doubt. Bleh. As you know I think the war is completely wrong and I'm not particularly excited about my parents flying over during it. Actually, I'm not particularly excited about living in Spain during the war either... Anyways.

The whole thing just makes me angry. Bush is such a fucking megalomanic psycho. (Yeah, and come get me, dick.)


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