That Buzz


This has to be the greatest thing I've read in weeks, maybe months or even years.

From Joi's blog:

Just had drinks (diet coke) with Kim Polese. She says, "The buzz is back." I agree. People are buzzing in Silicon Valley and you can feel it.

Nice! There were also some great comments left in Joi's comments both pro and con: Buzz good, Hype bad. A good one:

Comment from Paul Hughes on March 11, 2003 07:59 AM

I agree with Kim, Joi, the buzz is back, if it ever really left at all. The buzz is simple: Moores and Gilders Law. Despite the fizzle of hype and greed, the empty promises and the insanely stupid business ideas that inflated the valley, the true fundamentals of accelerating change are moving ever forward. So despite any amount of greed or lack of capitilization, or political instability, this trend will continue, and the applications running on and thru it will only get more powerful, more connected, more networked and more cohesive. You can remain cynical about the power of blogging, but we ain't seen nothing yet.

Personally, I'm holding on to the hopes and optimism that filled Wired's pages during the mid-90's...

As am I. Rock baby! I gotta get back home!

And hey, while we're here. Come on now, admit it. You had a crush on Kim also, didn't you? Worked at Sun, coined Java, started Marimba, and cute too. Come on, you submitted your resume to Marimba just hoping to meet her, didn't you? Okay, so that was just me. (How embarasssing).


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