Mobitopia Sponsorship to be Auctioned on eBay


I'm going to try something fun. I'm going auction off a space to run an advertisement here on Mobitopia for the month of April on eBay. It'll run on top of the right sidebar and be 175px wide (the same width as the sidebar) and up to say 150px tall. Additionally, it'll include a sentence with a link to run at the bottom of the posts in the RSS feed (example: "Mobitopia is sponsored by Joe's Wireless. Click here for more info.").

This isn't a super high-traffic site by any means, but a few extra bucks would be nice to help pay for my hosting and maybe some time/energy. We'll just see how successful it is the first month and then go from there.

I'll have to put up an ad-policy, but the general idea is that I get to refuse anything for any reason and I can't guarantee traffic. But for an idea, in March so far, the site has gotten over 8,000 unique visitors, almost 3,000 of them repeating visits - though admitedly much of this is skewed by Andrew's recent link love in The Reg, which drove over 2000 people in 24 hours to the site. But I can say from emails I've received that there are some very cool and influential people reading this blog now, so it might be worth the extra pocket change to sponsor it.

And for you guys contributing to Mobitopia - if for some wild reason the ad actually generates real cash, it's only fair that we divy it up, but we'll have to figure out how that works. The good thing about eBay is that it'll be all out in the open.

Before I rev this up though, any feedback would be great.


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